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The city of Quetta, the fruit garden of Pakistan, is the capital of the province of Baluchitsan. It is located in the mountainous region and lies at the mouth of the Bolan Pass. It has approximately 30 1 north latitude and 67 1 east longitude, about 365 air miles north of Karachi and 444 air miles south-west of Lahore. The Pakistan-Afghanistan border passes through Chamman, about 65 air miles to the north-west.
Air, rail and road routes connect Quetta with the rest of the country. The land route is particularly important because Quetta is the central point for visitors who come in through Iran and Afghanistan.
The name Quetta is derived from the word 'KOT' which means a fort and no doubt, it is a natural fort, surrounded as it is by imposing hills on all sides. The encircling hills have the resounding names of Chiltan, Takatoo, Mordar and Zarghun. The ancient name of Quetta was Shal, a term by which it is still known among the people of the country and which Rawlinson traces back to the tenth century. According to the old customs Quetta is also said to have been a Jail for the Jinn's at the time of Prophet Solomon. The Jinn's who committed some sort of crime were imprisoned in Quetta because of its natural shape of mountains. This fact has been proven by the fact that in Zhob the Crown of Prophet Solomon is still located and the mountains around it look like huge benches it is a worth seeing place.

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